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YBI relies on the kind support of many organisations and individuals to continue our work. Find out more about them and how your support could help us meet this global challenge.

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Vikram’s business is making immense strides disposing of- and converting domestic solid waste into agricultural manure in Pune’s…

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With support from Youth Business Hong Kong, Viola Lam has set up a tutoring institution that specializes in a unique way of teaching maths.

Viola was awarded the title of Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 for her achievements.

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Understanding how to use data to make better decisions is a key challenge for all organisations - and YBI is no exception.

Since 2013, EY volunteers have contributed 3,500 hours to help us address challenges of performance management, so that we can gain better insights into our global members.

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Youth Business International is a leading partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week and through the week engages over 600,000 people.

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