Paula Weise

Stitching together a social enterprise: supporting an entrepreneur to build a business for growth and impact Written by Joerg Schoolmann, Meagan Rees and Adam Bradford Paula Weise is a fashion designer and young entrepreneur who wanted to combine her love

Tharindu Dassanayake

Finalist, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 “Innovation is my passion” Perseverance makes all the difference when launching your own business. This is especially true in a field as competitive and saturated as telecommunications. Luckily for Sri Lanka’s Tharindu Dassanayake, he

Jhon Manuel Lezama Espezúa

Winner, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Innovation in the food industry equals a successful business for a young entrepreneur Jhon’s is a story about innovation. With the resources he had at hand he came up with a product innovation in

Rodrigo Perez

Finalist, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Rodrigo’s story is about mobility, adaptation and giving back. Born in Chile, but raised in Sweden since the age of four, Rodrigo became an entrepreneur in the country that adopted him and his family.

Tusshar Munoat

Finalist, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016   The phenomenal growth of a startup and the development of a country’s infrastructure This is a story on how to multiply your turnover 60 times in 5 years. All the while having a

Tai Wei David Chan

Winner, Mentor of the Year 2016 ‘David gives his time, his expertise and his heart.’ Chan Cheuk Ki Twiggy, CEO of Youth Business Hong Kong A young entrepreneur’s journey to success is never easy – they need as much support as they

Mangesh Suravase

Winner, Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 “My unisex hair salons, the first of its kind in rural areas, are growing at a phenomenal pace of 20% every month.” A symbol of transformation – modern hair styles at affordable prices  Can

Chavy Erenfeld

Winner, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 “There is an unanswered need in the Haredi community, especially for mid-life women with many children. I am giving these women hope and helping them break away from their destinies without alienating them from

Srikanth Bolla

Winner, Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 “Overcoming substantial barriers has given me the strength and motivation to go beyond profits in my social venture and encompass the triple bottom line, thereby impacting society at large” What makes an entrepreneur become the

Asiya Mohammed

“Deciding to become an entrepreneur is a major life decision” When you get a business idea and need some support, when you get a mentor and start your business, when you have a positive impact on your community and feel
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