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YBI members are expert not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises with a passion for empowering young people to start, build and grow their businesses. Members are diverse, ranging from training organisations, microfinance institutions and mentoring specialists to business associations and incubators. All members share a common mission and values, as well as a drive to maximise their impact and an ambition to innovate and scale their work. Members are locally rooted and locally led, so their programmes combine deep contextual knowledge with YBI’s sector-leading global expertise and tools.

Members are admitted to the YBI network following a robust due diligence process to ensure the quality and sustainability of our work is maintained and strengthened.

Value of YBI membership

  • Being a part of a community of expert practitioners for direct exchanges on ‘best practice’ approaches and problem solving, sharing successes and failures 
  • The diverse and high quality membership enhances the opportunities for learning and innovation thus helping members ensure their relevance and maintain a leadership position 
  • Attending YBI member events such as global and regional workshops, masterclasses and webinars facilitated or delivered by global leaders in the field of entrepreneurship 
  • Building partnerships with other members that enable collaborations in innovation, research, influencing and fundraising, sharing expertise and contacts
  • Access to YBI regional and global supporters and stakeholders as well as access to global expert forums
  • Establishing new services and strengthening existing programmes through capacity development support in areas such as training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation, digital strategies and CRM systems
  • Taking part in research studies and building the evidence as to ‘what works’ in youth entrepreneurship support
  • Becoming a YBI accredited member represents our commitment to quality enabling member organisations to unlock resources through securing additional donors and supporters

These services are facilitated by an active network team based in London, UK and Bogotá, Colombia.

YBI members share the following characteristics:

  • Shared mission and passion – commitment to help underserved young people (18 - 35 years) seeking to build a business but lacking the support to do so
  • Shared values – quality, youth-centric, commitment to excellence, drive to learn, interest in measuring and understanding impact, inclusivity, efficiency and ambition to grow
  • Shared approach – holistic services, focused on the personal development of the young entrepreneur as well as the business; long-term support along the entrepreneur’s journey pre- and post-starting up; mentoring – harnessing the wisdom, experience and help of the local business community
  • Shared ambition – to support in the creation of sustainable youth-led businesses at scale
  • Proven track record – demonstrable impact in establishing thriving businesses and creating jobs 
  • Respected – well-known and well-connected locally with key stakeholders
  • Sustainable – well-resourced for ongoing delivery
  • Active partnering with YBI – realise the benefits of being part of the YBI family, support other YBI members and contribute to YBI’s strategy
Bo Ghiradelli CEO Youth Business USA

“The YBI network has provided invaluable support in the launch and growth of Youth Business USA. From the highly skilled support of their team to the ‘matchmaker’ role that YBI played in connecting us with Accenture – we are very grateful to YBI and to be a part of this impactful network of organisations with shared missions.”

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Enterprise Uganda

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BoliviaUnconditionally Accredited

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Hogan Lovells

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