The YBI network provides thousands of young entrepreneurs with an integrated package of support to help them start and grow sustainable businesses

Our members, working in more than 45 countries,  provide entrepreneurs with expert local support,  specifically tailored to their needs:


Technical training

Young entrepreneurs need support with every stage of their business development. From specific training in business practice to basic assistance with things like bookkeeping and financial management. In conjunction with a mentor, YBI  members work with young entrepreneurs to ensure they have all the technical support they need to succeed.

Financial support

YBI  provides young entrepreneurs with an interest free/low interest loan to cover the expenses of starting or growing their business.


YBI pairs all young entrepreneurs with an experienced volunteer business mentor who is on hand to guide them through the challenging early stages of establishing a business.


How we work as a network

Our members around the world gain strength from collaborating together – sharing expertise around the network, working on international advocacy campaigns and developing global partnerships with supporters.

Through the global network, members exchange resources and act collectively to increase the efficiency and scale of support to young people seeking to start their own business. A network team coordinates and leads this activity, with additional responsibilities for driving network growth, quality and performance.

Why we do it

Small businesses are the engine of economic development. In nearly every country in the world, the vast majority of jobs are created by small businesses. We enable young aspiring entrepreneurs to create enterprises which can create jobs, bring innovative new products or services to communities and bring trading opportunities to other businesses.

We focus on young people between the ages of 18-35 because young people frequently lack the resources to start up their own business. Young people already make up as much as 40% of the world’s total unemployed, and are almost three times as likely to be unemployed as adults.

Our 2017 – 2025 Strategic Plan

Stretch goal: Between 2017 and 2025 YBI will help 1 million young entrepreneurs start, strengthen and grow sustainable businesses

After a number of years of improvement, the global youth unemployment rate is on the rise, reaching 71 million (according to ILO) in 2016. YBI’s global strategy is deliberately ambitious in response to the unacceptably high rate of global youth unemployment – we must drive a real difference.

Read the full strategic plan 

YBI Network Strategy 2017-2025




We have years of experience understanding what works in youth entrepreneurship.

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