Brazilian entrepreneur Edson da Maia Stenheuser has been featured in The Other Hundred, a unique project that aims to provide a counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of today’s most important issues.

The 2014 edition focuses on entrepreneurs – looking not at conventional success stories but instead showing just how entrepreneurial people can be when it comes to taking control of their lives.
Edson da Maia Stenheuser

Here’s what the project said about Edson:

Edson da Maia Stenheuser, 24, usually known as Ed, runs a stationery store-cum-internet bar in São João Batista, a rural district with a population of some 7,000 people in the metropolitan area of Curitiba, the capital of southern Brazil’s Paraná state.

Edson da Maia Stenheuser

Before Ed opened his business six years ago, whenever anyone wanted to pay a utility bill, add value to their mobile phones or access the internet, they had to travel 7 kilometres to the nearest urban centre. Today, his store provides all these services.

Ed set up his business with the help of a US$600 micro-loan from Aliança Empreendedora, a non-governmental organisation that supports micro-entrepreneurs by providing information and funding. He says about 300 people access the internet through his computers on a regular basis. And thanks to an antenna he has built on the top of his store, local households can also listen to radio broadcasts.

Edson da Maia StenheuserPhotographs courtesy of Bruno Covello.

Read more about the Other Hundred at www.theotherhundred.com

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