Godavari’s business, designing and producing decorative paper lamps (Akashkandil) from waste material, has provided financial security for her family and her female employees from largely impoverished backgrounds.

Struggling to meet the needs of a large family on just her husband’s income, Godavari (33) launched her enterprise but lacked sufficient financial support. Banks had rejected her business proposal in the absence of collateral. However, YBI member Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) provided the necessary support through loan finance and mentoring advice.

Godavari’s one-woman business was transformed. She now supplies a variety of novelty lamps (for festivals, holidays, weddings and celebrations) in Maharashtra as well as Surat in Gujarat. She is increasing her manufacturing activity to cater to markets across India, and she is exploring the idea of exporting directly to the United States.

Godavari is YBI’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. Read about her journey here.



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