SOS Mentoring

16.02.21 - 13.10.21

In times of change and transition, of uncertainty and challenges mentoring has become a much sought-after resource for young entrepreneurs and business owners.

Navigating huge changes can be overwhelming for anyone, even more so for young entrepreneurs. During this time the deep and personal nature of a strong mentoring relationship can be the key to helping young entrepreneurs take a step back and work their way through challenges and solutions to be able to beat the odds and become successful business owners.

What is SOS Mentoring?

It is a free online training for mentors aimed at improving their mentoring skills. We will explore different processes to be able meet the needs of entrepreneurs who find themselves in a phase of change and transition. We focus is on remote mentoring and look at three areas in particular:

  • The mentee’s business
  • The person
  • And the relationship between mentor and mentee

What will you gain from the programme?

Through different formats you will:

  • learn more about successful, proven concepts and processes in mentoring.
  • Work with other mentors on alternative solutions for challenges mentees have to address. 
  • Gain confidence working with your mentee. 

What mentoring skills will we work on?

We will work on traditional mentoring processes such as the 3C-Model, the Positive Encourager Approach, Controlling the Controllable, Effectuation among others

We will work on improving core mentoring skills such as

  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Asking good questions

Who is the programme for?

English-speaking mentors who are interested in improving their mentoring skills to support their mentees to cope with the current crisis and the challenges involved in leading a business.


We have a limited number of places for the training, so before you register, please make sure you meet all the following requirements:

  • At least an intermediate level of English 
  • Access to the internet  
  • Availability to join the sessions (please check the schedule below)
  • You are willing to complete a survey after each session.

SOS Mentoring II structure

Expert-led sessions where mentoring specialists will share insights, processes and tools.

Peer-learning sessions (from mentors for mentors) to share challenges and work jointly on finding solutions and to develop new ideas.

“The elephant in the room” sessions where we invite entrepreneurs to present their challenges and work in small groups to find solutions.

Full workshop sessions:

  • Session 1: Expert-led session. 16.02.2021 To register use this link.
  • Session 2: Elephant in the room session. 18.03.2021 To register use this link.
  • Session 3: Expert-led session. 14.04.2021 To register use this link.
  • Session 4: Peer-learning session. 19.05.2021 To register use this link.  
  • Session 5: Elephant in the room session. 09.06.2021 To register use this link
  • Session 6: Expert-led session. 14.07.2021 To register use this link.
  • Session 7: Elephant in the room session. 15.09.2021 To register use this link.
  • Session 8: Expert-led session. 13.10.2021 To register use this link.

Is there a topic you would like to see covered or do you have any questions? Get in touch and let us know:

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