Building Antifragility

15.04.21 - 13.05.21

The past year has seen unprecedented disruption for many of our network members and the entrepreneurs that they work with. Organisations and businesses have had to pivot and adapt to lockdowns, markets collapsing, and new opportunities arising.

It has tested each organisation in different ways, but a year on from the start of the pandemic, what have we learnt? How have we taken these learnings to build our organisations and our entrepreneurs’ businesses Antifragility?

Anti Fragility

Antifragility goes beyond the concepts of resilience and adaptation. It is not about absorbing shocks, but about becoming stronger from experiencing those shocks.

What will the workshops cover?

In these workshops we will: 

  • Explore the concept of Antifragility, looking at realworld examples of how businesses and organisations became stronger and more successful from the shock of Covid19
  • Be introduced to a framework for understanding how to become antifragile as an organisation
  • Be provided with a tool and training on how to carry out an Antifragility Audit
  • Explore approaches to build on the measures you have put in place over the past year that have built your antifragility
  • Reflect and learn from other YBI network members on how they have increased their Antifragility over the past year
  • Create a plan for increasing your antifragility as you move forward

For an example of what will be covered in the training see this blog post.

Date: 15th April & 13th May

Time: 1:00 pm (GMT) 

Register here.

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