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Our membership joining process seeks to ensure that new members meet our criteria, and that there are clear benefits for the new member and the network, so as to establish a long-lasting relationship.

  • YBI and the potential new member confirm mutual alignment
  • YBI undertakes new member due diligence process
  • The potential new member is introduced to the network team specialists as well as to other members
  • The membership process is completed by signing a Memorandum of Understanding by both parties
  • Currently we don’t charge a membership fee, however members are required to participate actively in the network, to submit regular KPIs and to undergo our accreditation process
  • Members are also required to comply with the YBI Code of Conduct
Dorji Tashi Executive Officer The Loden Foundation

“The YBI network has been incredibly positive for the Loden Entrepreneurship Programme. From working together to develop our mentoring capacity, to participating in bilateral proposals – YBI has helped us grow to be one of Bhutan’s leading entrepreneurship organisations.”

Bo Ghiradelli CEO Youth Business USA

“The YBI network has provided invaluable support in the launch and growth of Youth Business USA. From the highly skilled support of their team to the ‘matchmaker’ role that YBI played in connecting us with Accenture – we are very grateful to YBI and to be a part of this impactful network of organisations with shared missions.”

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FATE Foundation


Youth Business Russia

RussiaUnconditionally Accredited

NyföretagarCentrum Sverige

SwedenUnconditionally Accredited

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