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About Youth Business Mongolia

YBI’s first member in Central Asia, Youth Business Mongolia is an initiative led by Development Solutions, an established not-for-profit organisation that provides an integrated package of business development support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Development Solutions has a strong track record in entrepreneurship development and 180 networking partners in strategic locations across Mongolia. Development Solutions uses its existing experience and network, combined with those of Youth Business International to build a strong and sustainable package of training, start-up financing and mentoring to enable underserved young people in Mongolia to start their businesses.

Development Solutions was founded in 2008 and as part of their work they set up Youth Business Mongolia programme, to help young entrepreneurs to start and grow small to medium size enterprises (SMEs).

The aim of the programme is to support environmentally-sound social and economic growth by providing young people with the technical training, mentoring and financial support they need in order to start and run a successful business.

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No.19, Building 32 Peace Avenue 3rd khoroo Bayanzurkh district,

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