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About Fundación Paraguaya

Fundación Paraguaya, founded in 1985, is an organisation that pioneered promoting entrepreneurs through credit and training in Paraguay.

It works across the entire country, through 21 regional offices. In March 2010, under the agreement signed in London, Fundación Paraguaya agreed to launch a new pilot programme called Emprendimientos Juveniles. This new initiative fits in the framework of its Entrepreneurial Education Projects, benefiting young people from Asunción and Greater Asunción.

Fundación Paraguaya's mission is to develop and implement practical, entrepreneurial and sustainable solutions for eliminating poverty and the creation of a dignified environment for every family. To achieve that, Fundación Paraguaya offers young socio-economically disadvantaged Paraguayans the opportunity to have their own business, providing them with the fundamental tools such as training, financial resources and mentoring.

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Success stories

Marian Balmaceda


“I wanted to own something for myself, to be a self-employer. Fundación Paraguaya helped me to achieve that goal when I was feeling overworked doing what I loved.”

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