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About the Keren Shemesh Foundation

The Keren Shemesh Foundation is a privately funded non-governmental organisation investing in the next generation of business leaders. 

The Keren Shemesh Foundation was founded in December 2005 by the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation in Switzerland and the Rashi Foundation in Israel, and became an accredited member of Youth Business International in 2007.

Keren Shemesh's mission is to help transform the lives of young entrepreneurs in Israel: to give them the essential tools and support to turn their ideas into successful, job-creating businesses. Through a dedicated community of mentors, staff, alumni, and partner organisations, it provides young professionals with guidance that is carried with them both in the launching of a business, and well into the future.

The result is a significant contribution not only to the individuals in the program, but also to the Israeli economy, which largely relies on the existence, innovation, and drive of its young entrepreneurs.

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