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About Youth Business Germany

Youth Business Germany (YBG) helps young people successfully master their first steps into self-employment and entrepreneurship.

YBG is an initiative setup by KIZ  (Communication and Innovation Centre), the expert when it comes to self-employment or career change in Germany. People who decided to become self-employed, regardless their background or social status, have to overcome many obstacles and challenges. KIZ provides experts, experience and know-how to everyone who is willing to start a business. Especially young entrepreneurs, who often suffer from a small network, little know how and expertise, are supported with a 12 month scholarship. Within these 12 months they learn to use the basic entrepreneurial tools, have access to the YBG network and are individually mentored by an experienced business mentor.

Founded in 1997,  KIZ helps different types of target groups (women, people over 50 years old, long-term unemployed, young people) to find their way (back) into the labour market. They often encourage and support them to start their own business.

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Success stories

Paula Landes


"In the beginning my PR job was quite interesting and I learned a lot but once you’ve written 25 press releases, then you know how to do it and it’s not getting any more exciting, I needed a change."

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Yvonne Stein


"Invest in yourself and your future."

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Maria Aust


"In my family, no one was an entrepreneur, it was always seen as good to be working for a big company, to have a safe and secure job and that’s what I had always done."

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