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In 2006, Positive Planet France created the programme ‘Entreprendre en Banlieue’ with the aim of supporting and creating microenterprises in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to help unemployed people overcome administrative problems with starting up a business. The programme operates through neighbourhood associations, in at-risk urban areas.

Positive Planet France was launched in 2006 following the 2005 suburban riots in Paris. It started off as a department of the PlaNet Finance NGO, which offers technical assistance in building MFIs around the world. Following the riots, it seemed urgent to address the issue of poverty and exclusion in France.

Positive Planet France seeks to provide a positive outlet to people with a business creation idea, especially young people who are a key component of the sensitive urban areas. Positive Planet France aims to tackle the discrepancy between the high levels of energy and will to succeed in those suburban areas and their remoteness from most public institutions. They accompany, step by step and free of charge, all those who wish to start their own business.

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Pierre Guguen


"I decided to try and give more emotion and maybe a new experience to the people that were coming to see us on stage. So, I went to see one of my friends, who was a perfumer and I asked her let’s make the perfume of a song."

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