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Smart Kolektiv was founded as an independent not-for-profit organisation with the aim of promoting youth entrepreneurship in Serbia, and to help young Serbians start and grow a business. They do that by providing a combination of training, mentoring, startup loans, and other essential support.

Smart Kolektiv was founded as an independent not-for-profit organisation promoting and establishing CSR practices, development of social communications, as well as finding innovative perspectives for sustainable development of the wider society, through strategic, synergic linking of various sectors and social agents.

In 2008, Smart Kolektiv launched and continues to administer the Business Leaders Forum Serbia (BLF), the first coalition of socially responsible companies in Serbia, with a mission to stimulate development of CSR. Among other activities, this unique network promotes the idea of business support to youth and social entrepreneurship as an important aspect of companies’ contribution to society’s welfare. Smart Kolektiv has been engaged in other numerous youth related projects, notably in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. SMart Kolektiv began dialogues with YBI in 2010 to develop its mentoring capabilities.

Smart Kolektiv's vision is to contribute to social development through the redefining and innovative use of existing business solutions, thus enabling society to sustainably and efficiently deal with all of its numerous and complex challenges. To connect and improve relations between business and society on several levels: by mobilizing the multiple potentials of business and directing them towards reducing and resolving social and environmental problems; by applying the philosophy, logic and experience of business, through enterprising models, and applying them to social development processes; by using business tools - primarily those of the communication field - to stimulate positive social change.

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