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Digital platform recognised for excellence

Youth Business International's new online community for members has received praise for our innovative and collaborative development approach.

Our Digital Community Manager, Charné Tromp-Ahmed was invited to speak at a special event hosted by CAST, where they launched their brand new digital design principles to help UK charities build better digital services. The 10 principles act as a guide on how best to design and build digital services that improve the lives of your service users.

Here at Youth Business International we paid particular attention to these principles to ensure our new platform would really benefit our members. During the event Charné explained: 

“We started with the question: How do we get our members to better connect with one another and give them a space where they can share learning and collaborate. Cast’s first design principle says start with users and keep them involved and that’s exactly what we did. We spent hours and hours talking to our members to find out what they wanted and how we could digitally create something that overcame the difficulties and constraints of meeting face to face. We put the end user at the heart of the process.”

This approach continued throughout the build and testing stage as we have been gathering feedback and suggestions from our members in the user testing phase. 

Charne added: “It was a real privilege to share with other charities how we are using technology to help our members around the world. It was an endorsement of all the hard work we have put in and I know it really will really help members connect with others in a meaningful way.”

Other organisations to stand up and share their experience of implemententing these desin principles  included Alexandra Rose – who used the principles to develop food vouchers and Comic Relief who spoke about why they fund innovative digital applications that use these principles.

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