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New members joining the YBI network

Catalin Parascan
Catalin Parascan

It has been an extremely busy time for YBI's Network Expansion team.

This month we have welcomed FOUR new members to the YBI family. The whole of the Network Team had the opportunity to join in on the excitement, taking part in video conference MOU signings (one of which featured a cake baked specially to commemorate the occasion) with the four new members: Spark Rwanda, Enactus Kyrgyztan, ICCO Burundi and ICCO Uganda.

SPARK Rwanda

SPARK is a global Dutch NGO that works in conflict affected states with the aim of supporting entrepreneurship development and access to higher education, so that young, ambitious people can lead their societies into stability and prosperity. SPARK joins the network in respect of SPARK Rwanda, and initially in 2018, SPARK Rwanda and YBI will focus on enhanced entrepreneurship support for youth under the Irish Potato Value Chain Financing Project (IPoVaF) – a programme that aims to increase access to financial services for Irish Potato smallholder farmers in Rwanda, to enhance productivity, income and job opportunities. Read more about SPARK Rwanda by visiting their website.

Enactus Kyrgyzstan

Enactus Kyrgyzstan are part of the global Enactus movement which spans 36 countries with an aim of supporting young people to engage in youth social action and youth social enterprise. Throughout their experience delivering the Enactus global programme (which works with teams of university students to create businesses that address social problems) the Kyrgyzstan team have come to know of wider need in the country for specialised support for young people who wish to set up a business. Consequently, the new partnership with YBI will see them launch a new programme, ‘Youth Business Kyrgyzstan’, which will for the first time offer a comprehensive package of support to aspiring young entrepreneurs, comprising training, mentoring and access to finance. Read more about Enactus Kyrgyzstan by visiting their website.

ICCO Burundi and ICCO Uganda

ICCO Burundi and ICCO Uganda are part of a wider global Dutch NGO. Across 36 countries worldwide, ICCO works towards a world in which people can live in dignity and well-being, a world without poverty and injustice, with its primary expertise in agri-value chains and microfinance.

ICCO Burundi join YBI with focus on enhancing their flagship programme (Microfinance, Agri-finance and Value Chains). ICCO Burundi will work with YBI to enhance the training that is currently offered to small holder farmers (mainly youth and women) as part of this programme, and for the first time, introduce specialised entrepreneurship training.

Similarly, ICCO Uganda and YBI will work together to develop entrepreneurship support as part of the ABSYR programme (2018 – 2020), which will develop skills for 5000 youth across refugee and host communities.

Read more about ICCO by visiting their website.

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