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Youth unemployment is everybody’s business, according to Andrew Devenport, CEO of YBI. To tackle the challenge of youth unemployment, Shell* and Youth Business International have formed a global  partnership to support under-served youth aged 18-39, improving the lives of those in their communities through self-employment.

The partnership with Shell covers Tanzania and Trinidad and Tobago. The previous partnership with The BG Group covered Australia, Canada, Kenya, Myanmar, Tanzania and Trinidad and Tobago.

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* YBI’s partnership with Shell follows on from the partnership previously operated by The BG Group (September 2013 to December 2016).

YBI member: Futurpreneur Canada

By the end of the ThriveNorth project, we will have trained over 200 young entrepreneurs, enabled 50 young people to set up their own business, providing loan finance and mentoring services to those who need it.

Our partnership will also have conducted entrepreneurship awareness raising activities with over 2,200 young people, particularly in First Nations (Aboriginal) communities where self-employment is a less familiar concept.

Nathan Hoffart, Canada

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about the ThriveNorth project:

Trinidad & Tobago
YBI member: Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago

By May 2018, our partnership will establish 165 new businesses, create an additional 300 jobs, raise awareness of entrepreneurship to over 1,000 young people and provide mentoring support to 50 young people.

Asiya Mohammed is a young entrepreneur who received support from Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago, to start her business: Conflict Women Limited. Asiya works with survivors of domestic and sexual violence, helping them to provide for themselves by creating and trading handmade jewelry.

Watch Asiya’s story here:

Andrew Julien created a social enterprise aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of products used in Trinidad and Tobado. He founded a company called Blue Earth Recycling Technology Limited to show the importance of managing waste and recycling. Andrew received support from YBTT in the form of training, access to finance and mentoring.


Watch Andrew’s story here:


Satyan Sagramsingh, owner of SLS Woodworking is a young entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago who greatly benefited from the support services such as mentoring which helped him grow his business into the successful enterprise it is today.

Watch his story here:

YBI member: Kijana Jiajiri

In the the first year, the programme has supported 300 early stage business and start-ups, provided training to 900 young adults and established 140 mentoring relationships across five centres. Image below shows one of Kijana Jiajiri’s first events, with young people in Mtwara.

Young people in Mtwara


Watch here the successful story of the creation of a youth entrepreneurship programme in Tanzania built on a multi-stakeholder partnership:

YBI member: Kenya Youth Business Trust (Mombasa)

By May 2017 we aim to establish 130 new businesses, create an additional 182 jobs, raise awareness of entrepreneurship to over 1,500 young people and provide mentoring support to 180 individuals.
Simon Macharia, Kenya



Watch this video to see how KYBT Mombasa is planning to expand the programme down the South Coast of Mombasa:


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