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The NGO sector is becoming more decentralised, and more and more international not-for-profits are adopting network structures. These structures enable more decision-making and autonomy for national programmes, whilst still providing the benefits that global collaboration brings.

Youth Business International has been a network since its inception in 2000, with a strong belief that contextually-specific solutions need to take root at the local level. We don’t believe in a head office, but we do believe that member initiatives in a whole range of countries can work collaboratively, sharing expertise and developing solutions together. For us, the network structure is the best way to enable more young people around the world to start their own business. 

The YBI network provides benefits to members in two ways: firstly, through member to member collaboration, and secondly via support delivered by the network team.

This report focuses on the latter, in particular the effectiveness of four capacity development programmes which aim to help members with their mentoring programme, access to technology, entrepreneurship training work, and monitoring, evaluation & learning.

YBI commissioned an independent evaluation to examine the core capacity development services delivered by the network team to members across a range of countries over a three- year period – 2012-2014.

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