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Impact Report 2014


This year's Network Impact Report is all baout the network value - about the benefits that we can gain from working together. 

A core strength of the YBI network is in the diversity of our members. YBI has grown significantly in the past 12 months, and each of these organisations bring new ideas and approaches, strengthening our collective knowledge of what works in youth entrepreneurship.

As we learn more, so we can improve quicker. In the network team in London, we’ve made great progress in identifying and sharing the good practices that are within our network. Every day we strive to empower our members with technical and practical resources and we will continue to forge ahead in this area.

We know that as we grow in size and capacity our ability to measure our impact becomes ever more important. Working with leading research partners, our investment in this area is allowing us to do this more effectively and efficiently, in a sector not known for the quality of its data.

For YBI, a major milestone in 2013 was the announcement of US$30 million of new partnerships across the network. These prestigious partners are playing a major role in the growth of YBI and are helping us to reach more of the under-served young people that need our help. These young people are changing the world, and we're proud of our collective role in empowering and supporting them.

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