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Impact Report 2015


2014 was another busy year for Youth Business International, as our members continued to provide much-needed support for young entrepreneurs around the world like Viola Lam, our Entrepreneur of the Year from Hong Kong, Relina from Barbados and Fatma from Kenya.

These inspiring young women are from very different worlds but their drive and entrepreneurial ambition make them distinctly YBI. Each of them seized the opportunity of support from YBI members to create a profitable, sustainable business that is creating employment and strengthening their community.

Without doubt there has never been a stronger need for the world to identify fresh employment solutions, particularly for young people who are three times more likely to be unemployed than other workers. Entrepreneurship remains vital and YBI is pleased to be at the apex of this movement, but we must sound a note of caution. There is still a critical lack of actual support for young aspiring entrepreneurs, and this is where YBI comes in. Throughout the network we are working hard to understand and scale up the most effective solutions and approaches to the challenges of youth unemployment.

Thanks to the work of these incredible organisations there are 18,949 young entrepreneurs who were either helped to start a new business or empowered to grow their existing venture in 2014.

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