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Impact Report 2016


At Youth Business International we know that entrepreneurship is an instinct shared by people regardless of their background or circumstances.

From Silicon Valley to the Rift Valley, millions of young people share the desire to start a business, they can call their own. These young people are willing to work hard and take risks to create a sustainable future, for both themselves and their families. Globally, these young people tell us that they are not able to access the support they need. This is often because they are not recognised as entrepreneurs in the traditional sense of the term.

Pema Seyden (pictured, above) may not look like a stereotypical young entrepreneur – but her successful dairy business is built on the same entrepreneurial principle, that drives thousands of youth led startups across the world. This is what an entrepreneur looks like. 

Every year YBI helps tens of thousands of young entrepreneurs like Pema Seyden to start and grow sustainable businesses in their local community. Starting a business increases competition in the market, creates jobs and promotes sustainable growth in the greater economy – all of which are key to tackling youth unemployment. After all, every business is created by a person who starts off with little more than a good idea and the conviction to make it happen. Having the courage to take that first step is crucial, whether it’s dairy farming or databases. This is what entrepreneurship looks like.

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