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Supporting Young Entrepreneurs: What works?


It is not easy to ignore the fact that 73 million young people around the world are unemployed; and 156 million young workers live in poverty. Quality interventions to support young entrepreneurs are needed more than ever. Many initiatives exist to promote youth entrepreneurship as a solution to global socioeconomic development goals, but there is still a gulf in evidence concerning what works best to support young entrepreneurs in different contexts. 

We have undertaken evidence and learning activities across East Africa, the Eastern Caribbean and Europe. In doing so, we have surfaced some valuable ingredients in implementing successful youth entrepreneurship support initiatives. Our intention is to contribute practical learning to expand the knowledge base of what works in the growing youth entrepreneurship support sector. 

There is no golden guarantee of what makes a successful programme. The lessons shared in this review represent learning we have seen repeatedly, regardless of the context. We hope they will guide fellow travellers who share our mission of turning job seekers into job creators.

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