Our 2014-2017 Strategic Plan 

Youth Business International represents a coordinated approach to tackling some of the major issues of today:


  • Escalating unemployment and under-employment
  • Uncoordinated support for youth in need
  • Growing social unrest
  • Weak evidence of what works
  • Young people hit hardest
  • Lack of decent jobs
  • Barriers to work and to business start up
  • Rising youth populations

In April 2014, we launched a new three year strategic plan which is designed to address these issues, through mobilising a global network to support the next generation of under-served young entrepreneurs.

The goals and plans are designed and will be delivered collaboratively by the members of YBI and the YBI network team, working with partners.


Over the next three years, by 2017, we will increase job creation in communities and personal empowerment for individuals by supporting 40,000 under-served young entrepreneurs to start and grow sustainable businesses per year, in a minimum of 60 countries.

Read the full Strategic Plan now.

Research and Learning Agenda

Investing in building an evidence-based network will drive the efficiency and effectiveness of support provided to under-served young entrepreneurs by YBI members.

Our Research and Learning Agenda, published in April 2014, sets out YBI’s three year Research and Learning Agenda, grouped under three themes:

  1. Building the case for youth entrepreneurship
  2. Evaluating what works where and why for under-served young entrepreneurs
  3. Demonstrating the value of YBI’s network approach

Read the Research and Learning Agenda now.



We have years of experience understanding what works in youth entrepreneurship.

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