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YE in Rural and Remote AreasSupporting Young Entrepreneurs: What Works?

Published September 2016
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An Evidence and Learning  review from our global network,  commissioned by Youth Business International and our partner EY.

This report seeks to address the gulf in evidence of what works best when provisioning support for young entrepreneurs in different social and economic contexts.



YE in Rural and Remote Areas

Northern Uganda Youth Entrepreneurship Project

Published August 2016
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The Northern Uganda Youth Entrepreneurship Project (NUYEP) was a social and economic empowerment project aimed at improving the livelihoods of 10800 youth and their families, through entrepreneurship.

NUYEP was implemented by Enterprise Uganda and Youth Business International and was funded by Department of International Development (DfID).



YE in Rural and Remote AreasYouth Entrepreneurship in Rural and Remote Areas

Published April 2016
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A report  commissioned by Youth Business International and BG Group, a subsidiary of the Royal Dutch Shell, exploring the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in rural and remote contexts.

This key findings report provides an overview of the most interesting findings and is aimed at delivery organisations, such as YBI members, and donors, such as BG Group.

From Rhetoric to ActionFrom Rhetoric to Action

Published January 2016
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A report commissioned by Youth Business International, Restless Development and War Child UK exploring the challenges faced by children and young people globally, in the context of the new Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more, visit www.fromrhetorictoaction.org for the highlight findings, research from our 18 young researchers and considerations for action.



Testing the Contexts FrameworkStrengthening a global network

Published December 2015
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An evaluation of capacity development services provided by Youth Business International’s network team.




Testing the Contexts FrameworkTesting the Contexts Framework

Published November 2014
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A summary of the key findings from three workshops held in France, India and Uganda to assess the usefulness of the Contexts Framework, a tool developed to understand how different contexts might affect the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in different parts of the world.

Developed in partnership with Restless Development and War Child UK.


Context Report Uganda coverContexts Framework – briefing papers on France, India and Uganda

Published October 2014
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Three reports showing the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in Uganda, France and India, along with recommendations for improving support. The reports are based on workshops conducted during 2014 in Kampala, Paris, St Quentin, Chennai and Herat.

The findings were presented by YBI and our partners Restless Development and War Child UK at the 2014 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit in Washington DC, hosted by Making Cents International. The reports are part of our Contexts Framework project, funded by the UK government’s Department for International Development.

GS Report - Image2The YBI Global Summit Report 2013

Published  December  2013
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In September 2013, Youth Business International held its most ambitious event yet: the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit. Taking place in venues across London, the event represented a milestone in the youth entrepreneurship sector, and the development of the YBI.

For leaders in business, civil society and the public sector, the launch of Youth  Business International’s 2013 Global Youth entrepreneurship summit provided  a significant platform to discuss key challenges and approaches in supporting  young entrepreneurs around the world.

Unlocking Ambitions, Creating Growth

Published  November  2013
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Our new research, which was published during Global Entrepreneurship Week, in partnership with Shell LiveWIRE  compares entrepreneurial attitudes, ambitions and activity of young people in the UK against counterparts in other leading enterprise nations,  based on latest data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

The study, Unlocking Ambitions, Creating Growth, found that nearly one in five (18%) 18-34 year olds in the UK believe they have the entrepreneurial skills to start a business and perceive a potential business opportunity. Yet less than 4% go on to create a company that pays a wage and makes a profit

Adding those who’ve started a company not yet paying a salary, the UK’s rate for converting potential young entrepreneurs into business owners is still less than half (49%). This rate of conversion is well behind countries including Singapore (84%), China (82%), the Netherlands (55%), Brazil (56%) and the USA (51%).



Generation Entrepreneur?
The state of global youth entrepreneurship

Published September  2013
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This first youth GEM report, published as part of the YBI Global Summit 2013, provides a unique insight into the state of youth entrepreneurship globally; how aspirations, attitudes and activities with respect to starting a business compare among  youth and adult populations in 69 countries. The report analyses data sets collected through surveys of more than 198,000 people.

Young entrepreneurs are more confident than older entrepreneurs about creating jobs over the next five years in all regions except sub-Saharan Africa, but in terms of starting bew businesses, fewer young people in Europe and Asia think they have the capability and the opportunity, compared to young people from the Middle East and Africa.

This timely new report helps us understand the unique perspective and challenges of young entrepreneurs around the world and sets out to explore how we can better give young people the business support they need.




Youth entrepreneurship: A contexts framework

Published July 2012
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A consultation framework designed to help better understand the impact of local contexts on the provision of enterprise support for the youth demographic.

There is established consensus that the youth entrepreneurship sector is held back by a lack of evaluation about what works, why and where. This consultation aims to challenge that.

Our goal is to engage and review a broad range of sector actors, drawing on their evidence and experience in order to produce a user-friendly youth entrepreneurship contexts framework.

For more info on the consultation or to contribute visit the project website www.yecontexts.org



Global Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2011

Published November 2011
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In 2011 YBI undertook a survey of our entrepreneur community. The content of the survey builds on our previous policy reports and explains how 1,000 young entrepreneurs from 21 countries value the non-financial support they receive in starting and growing their business.

The content of the survey builds on our previous policy reports and explains how 1,000 young entrepreneurs from 21 countries value the non-financial support they receive in starting and growing their business.

Released at the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 the survey finds that non-financial support is a strong driver of business performance and capability for young entrepreneurs. Training and mentoring helps make up for the lack of experience and collateral that often excludes young people from mainstream enterprise lending.

In one third of countries surveyed, young entrepreneurs think that their mentor has made more of a positive difference to their business than money.

Watch YBI CEO Andrew Devenport discuss the reports findings on the CNBC news channel



Closing the gap – how non-financial support is increasing access to capital for young entrepreneurs

Published September 2011

Building on YBI’s policy recommendations to date, this report compiles a series of case studies that each illustrate how the finance gap can be closed for young and other underserved entrepreneurs through providing non-financial support, such as training and mentoring. This integrated approach reduces the risk of lending to youth and other underserved demographics, and the value of the non-financial support substitutes for collateral and other types of guarantee.

Six YBI case studies are featured and three from other sector leaders: International Youth Foundation (IYF), TechnoServe and Silatech.



Beyond Collateral: How to increase access capital for young entrepreneurs

Published November 2010

A report which makes the case that non-financial support given to young entrepreneurs should be recognised as an alternative to collateral by the financial system, in order to enable more loan capital to be made available.

This report was launched on the first day of Global Entrepreneurship Week (15-19 November) through an online discussion.


The YBI Network approach: How three YBI network members are supporting young entrepreneurs around the world, with lessons for best practice

Published July 2010


Recommendations for action: How governments, businesses and civil society organisations can help young people get started in business.

Published November 2009



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