Kerron Modeste

Trinidad and Tobago

“Entrepreneurship has always been a part of me”.

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, Kerron showed entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, selling snacks to friends during school breaks. After leaving school, Kerron tried different jobs but struggled to find a career that he was passionate about.

However, during a trip to see his grandfather’s orange tree-covered property he was inspired. Starting with the people in his office, Kerron began to sell oranges. This proved so successful that he quickly developed his concept into a fully-fledged order and delivery service for family, friends and co-workers.

Building on this success, Kerron decided to expand his business into other types of agricultural produce. He quit his job, using his final pay check to purchase a supply of bananas and officially started Modeste Home Growers Company Limited in October 2015.

After just one month, Kerron began to stock a wide range of high quality, affordably priced fruit and vegetables. Though building good relationships with suppliers and customers, he extended the business into the greater Trinidad area. Traveling to more distant areas required time and resources, however Kerron saw an opportunity to build up a loyal customer base.

Kerron soon realised that he could only progress so far without any formal education in agriculture. He researched his options and found YBI member Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT). He took part in agripreneurship training, received valuable coaching and was connected to a vibrant network of local entrepreneurs through YBI’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program in Latin America and the Caribbean. This support helped him developed his vision for the business.

Modeste Home Growers continues to do well. Kerron is pleased to be promoting healthy eating and supplying people who might not be able to get to local markets such as the elderly. His expansion plans include exporting to neighbouring Caribbean islands and launching a “Go Green” campaign reducing the use of non-recyclable plastics.

“I’ve made some major sacrifices to be where I am today... balancing time, finances and relationships. But [Modeste Home Growers] believe in serving the people and leaving a lasting impression. We are always looking for ways to serve more people”.

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