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“Entrepreneurship has always been a part of me. At the tender age of four, I was selling my lunch and snacks at school”.

Growing up in Trinidad, Kerron had a number of career-minded role models throughout his childhood and adolescence. Coming from a family of teachers, lawyers, and bankers, he understood the importance of education and the role it could play in helping him to excel in his future career. Since he was 19 years old, Kerron has tried his hand at being a sales clerk, technician, data collector, and sales executive. However, it wasn’t until recently that Kerron discovered a career he was exceedingly passionate about.

Compelled by the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Kerron recognised the real possibility of a career in the produce industry after a trip to see his Grandfather in June 2015. Kerron saw the orange tree-covered property as more than just a pretty view - the sight inspired him to think about ways he could use the fruit to generate income. Starting with the people in his office, Kerron began to sell the oranges, a concept that he then developed into a fully-fledged order and delivery service for his family, co-workers and friends.

Kerron felt that his success during the orange season showed his business model could be applied to selling other types of agriculture as well. Consequently, he quit his job, used his final pay check to purchase a supply of bananas, and officially started Modeste Home Growers Company Limited in October 2015.  After just one month, Kerron was already broadening his produce supply, as he began to stock a wide range of fruits and vegetables regularly.

Through building relationships with his customers, Kerron’s produce became sought after by people and businesses in the greater Trinidad area. Although it required more time, resources, and energy for Kerron to travel to make these deliveries, he recognised the importance of expanding his clientele. Making that commitment is something that Kerron reflects on as being integral to the growth and success of his business.

The growth of Modeste Home Growers Company Limited began to span beyond just geographic expansion. Kerron continued to brand himself by producing fruit bowls labelled with the company logo. While continuing to establish the business on his own, Kerron realised he could only progress so far without any formal education in agriculture.

It was with this understanding that he sought out Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT), part of YBI’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program in Latin America and the Caribbean, and learned about the resources they had to offer, including their Agri-entrepreneur training programme. He describes the assets and insights that he has gained from YBTT as having a “positive impact on his vision”.

By increasing accessibility to produce for those in Trinidad, Modeste Home Growers Company Limited is influencing the community in a few key ways. With 2-4 hours of traffic being the average in the country, Kerron’s business model encourages healthy eating for those who might not have time to get to the market. Furthermore, Modeste Home Growers Company Limited also inspires produce consumption among the elderly and those without transportation.  

Modeste Home Growers Company Limited doesn’t have a minimum order requirement like many of its competitors so Kerron uses this policy as an opportunity to expand client base, travel to new areas, and get to know his customers. He added:

“I’ve made some major sacrifices to be where I am today. These are the serious issues that we face – balancing the time, finances and relationships. We believe in serving the people and leaving a lasting impression. We are always looking for ways to serve more people”.

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