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Maureen Musiimenta, mother of two, runs Goodlife Medical Center, a health clinic in Najjera, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda. Maureen took over the clinic from her late husband after his passing with little confidence in her own ability to run the business. But with support from our member Enterprise Uganda through our High Flyers Programme, funded by Argidius, Maureen has not only maintained but expanded the medical centre. She says:

“The High Flyers programme has changed my view of myself and helped me feel more empowered. I now believe that I am capable of doing any job a man can do.”

Maureen’s Goodlife Medical Center currently employs 15 people, including doctors, nurses, lab technicians and a security guard and offers a range of services, such as general medical care, dental, sexual health, immunization and more.

When Maureen joined YBI’s High Flyers programme, she wanted to gain practical knowledge and skills in running and managing a business and learn from other young entrepreneurs running similar businesses. Enterprise Uganda provided her with business development training, including on financial management. They introduced her to the concept of ‘supplier credit’, an alternative to bank loans, which often have high interest rates and stringent requirements. With supplier credit, entrepreneurs acquire equipment they need for their business on a loan basis and use part of the profit they make to pay back the loans. Maureen was able to acquire and pay off a CT scanner which enabled her to add CT Scan services to her business portfolio and increase her profits. She plans to acquire all her equipment on supplier credit as she expands her medical clinic.

Enterprise Uganda also matched Maureen with an experienced business mentor who gave her guidance on bookkeeping systems and how to create a business plan. The business plan Maureen developed as a result of this support led to the addition of dental services to the clinic.

Last but not least, Maureen appreciates the community of young entrepreneurs she has become a part of through the High Flyers programme and highly values the sharing of experiences and advice with her peers.

Maureen’s goal for the next three to five years is to expand her clinic even more by adding a theatre and a pharmacy. The support Maureen received from Enterprise Uganda through YBI’s High Flyers programme not only benefitted her business but also her personal life. She says:

“Using the knowledge and support I received from the High Flyers programme to grow my business enabled me to finish my house and send my kids to school. I have gained many benefits.”

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