Mojisola Delumo


“Both, my mother and my older sister are entrepreneurs. It was a natural progression for me. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss.”

Mojisola Delumo says being an entrepreneur is in her blood. With her digital agency Create Solutions, she enables Nigerian businesses to use the power of digital for reaching a wider audience and growing their revenue.

27-year old Mojisola was born in Chicago, US, but relocated to Nigeria with her family at a young age. After graduating from high school, she went on to study international business while working at her mother’s bespoke furniture company. She went through all different departments: production standards, sales, managing operations, and manufacturing.

Mojisola was set on taking over her mother’s business, however, after five years of working in the company, she started to lose interest. This was not lost on her mother, who took the bold decision to fire her! Mojisola says this was the final push she needed to follow her true passion and interests. She describes herself as a very creative person and has always had an interest in technology, particularly as a way of self-expression. Business-savvy, she also saw the power of using online platforms for business and wanted her mother to take advantage of that.

Together, they hired a professional to set up a website for the business but weren’t happy with the results. So Mojisola decided to take matters into her own hands and created the website herself. Impressed with the result, Mojisola’s sister asked her to create a website for her business too and the word about Mojisola’s skills began to spread from there.  She really enjoyed the creativity of developing websites and content, and she started thinking about digital marketing as a business.

Happy to have found something she was good at and passionate about, Mojisola did some market research and realised that the digital marketing sector was still very much in the early stages of development in Nigeria, so she was keen to fill this gap. However, she was also aware that this was unchartered territory for her and that she didn’t have a lot of the basics of starting a business from scratch. This was when YBI's local member organisation in Nigeria, FATE Foundation, came into play.

Both her mother and sister received support from FATE Foundation when they started their businesses and Mojisola saw how much it had helped them. Determined to follow her family’s success, she decided to enrol in FATE Foundation’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs programme. “It is the best crash course for starting a business you can get”, she says. The training really helped her understand the basics of running a business including budgeting, creating a business model and decision making. She has also established relationships with different experts at FATE Foundation, who she can always go to for support, and some of the other young entrepreneurs she met through the programme have become her first clients.

Since setting up her digital agency Create Solutions in August 2018, Mojisola has hired four full-time employees. She is proud to provide opportunities for others and sees this as her biggest achievement as it reflects her agency’s growth. Her plans for the future are ambitious: this year, she wants to open a content creation studio as a subsidiary of her agency and, going forward, she would like to expand to other countries and service global clients.

Her advice to other young entrepreneurs is:

“Learn the basics, get a mentor and ask someone who’s done it before – they will give it to you straight!”

Find out more about the amazing work our partners the Fate Foundation are currently doing in Nigeria to support young entrepreneurs like Mojisola.

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