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Tahmina Kabir


“Doing something to contribute to my family was always at the core of my thoughts from very early adolescence. B'Yeah has guided me to fulfil this dream”.

Born in 1995 in Kishoregonj District in Bangladesh, Tahmina endured a series of unimaginable struggles during her childhood. She lost her father at a very early age, her mother did not have a job, and no one else in the family was earning an income. As the second youngest of seven siblings, Tahmina’s older sisters began to provide for her; they worked hard in order to be able to pay for her education. It still brings tears to her eyes remembering how difficult those days were for her and her family.

Although Tahmina passed 12 subjects at school, she was not able to attend university like many of her classmates because her family could not afford it. However, after studying at home, Tahmina got the chance to study at a public university in the Resource Management & Entrepreneurship department and that’s when she started her new life in the country’s capital, Dhaka.

One day in April 2017, Tahmina discovered B'Yeah (Youth Business International member in Bangladesh) and their ‘Outreach to Potential Youth' workshop. Out of curiosity, she signed up and that was the start of her entrepreneurship journey. The mentors and trainers at the workshop inspired Tahmina, enabling her to see the feasibility of her lifelong dream - to find her passion and use it in order to financially support her family.

Tahmina has an affinity for working with crafts and being creative. So, she decided to work with the material jute to make handbags, decorations, shopping bags and much more. She shared her ideas with B'Yeah and enrolled in the entrepreneurship development training programme. After receiving several trainings focused on developing a business model, business plan, business communication, marketing and customer acquisition, Tahmina started her own business called "Dolly's".

Jute products are in great demand in Bangladesh. The prevalence of environmental pollution has resulted in a greater appreciation for jute products and Tahmina has benefitted from that awareness. Tahmina says “People appreciate products made from jute and within only a few months of starting, I have received very good responses from potential customers”.

Tahmina started Dolly's in 2017 with 2000 BDT (around €20) from her father's pension allowance. Tahmina has worked with many organisations, corporations and showrooms to provide retail products. She dreams big and keeps herself busy every day of the week with both administrative and creative responsibilities. These include signing contracts in addition to designing, making, and delivering orders.

Tahmina also attends entrepreneur fairs to exhibit and sell her products. She aims to soon launch her own showrooms all around the country and even export her products internationally.

Though currently she only has one other person helping her, she dreams of setting up official crafts factories, training thousands of women and creating employment for them.

Tahmina is very determined to achieve her vision and with her passion, willpower and dedication, she has already been awarded the 2018 ‘Potential Young Entrepreneur' award by B'Yeah.

"I know where I want to go, and my dedication, passion, and effort will take me there someday soon".

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