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 “Our enterprise contributes to the development of country’s rural infrastructure. We build dams and laying pipes to provide irrigation and drinking water to villages.”

Tusshar Munoat went from having virtually no prospects to launching companies, Rutu Enterprises and Reise Enterprises, manufacturing asphalt and constructing roads and laying water pipelines in Maharashtra, India. In 5 years, he took a $15,000 investment and turned it into $1 million turnover business.

Tusshar was raised in a farming community, his family worked the land and saved so that he could be the first of his family to attend college. Determined to make the most of the opportunity, he thought having a degree would be his ticket out of financial instability and a chance to pull all his family out of poverty. However Tusshar faced other challenges, he was competing against hundreds of other graduates and in the end had to take whatever work he could find. “I worked as a street vendor and a waiter, I finally settled into house maintenance and repairs work.” 

He didn’t mind the job, but he saw there was a way to make work processes more streamlined. He mentioned his frustrations to a friend, who suggested looking into infrastructure development – where the guarantee of pay was far more reliable. Although it wasn’t an immediate solution, since government civil contracts required licensed professionals, that conversation was the first step on his entrepreneurial journey. 

“I set my sights on obtaining the license needed, I took on part-time work as a sub-contractor on roadwork sites, which allowed me to learn the ropes of the business and gave me the confidence I needed to later launch on my own.” Even so, there was still a missing link between his budding vision and the prospect of launching his own business. 

“As I had earned the trust of clients and workers over time, I had the confidence to consider starting my own business. But I did not have the capital to do so. Without collateral or security, banks refused to even look at my proposals.”

Tusshar then came across Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST), YBI member in India, who provided him with financing, training, mentoring and coaching. With BYST’s support, Tusshar was able to articulate two separate yet complementary businesses: one servicing civil constructs (mainly in road construction and water pipeline installation) and the other manufacturing asphalt. 

What made these two companies so successful had less to do with the novelty of the service and more to do with the strategic location of the businesses. “By establishing two different verticals – manufacturing asphalt and civil contract services, we have a distinct advantage. Our service business generates large employment both direct and indirect, our manufacturing venture boosts up turnover much higher. This is a feature exploited only by large companies.” 

Considered a largely underdeveloped region in the West of India, Maharashtra has had very little industrial or infrastructure development. Tusshar saw a great business opportunity and also the chance to help bring economic development to the region where he grew up. Tusshar is proud to employ over 900 people across the two businesses. 

The social responsibility aspect of his company was not something that the industry taught him; it felt innate. More than just providing employment, he works to change the lives of his employees. He pays a good salary and provides permanent housing, as opposed to the temporary tents provided by most competitors. He is also promoting the employment of women, in an industry pre-dominantly occupied by men. Part of this vision was providing skills training and jobs to traditionally marginalised people; he wants to create opportunities that did not exist for him when he was growing up.

Riding the infrastructure boom in the country, Tusshar’s businesses are poised to leapfrog from a micro-enterprise to a medium scale industry, he has a projected turnover of $21 million by 2020 and generating 5,000 jobs. 

Tusshar is on the right track to scale up his business, fuelling Maharashtra’s development in the process.

 “Tusshar, has grown faster than any other entrepreneur in the history of BYST. With his hard work, impeccable integrity, commitment and determination is destined to be one of the top businessmen in India.” - Mr. Sunil Malkani, Tusshar’s mentor

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