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Entrepreneurship is a transformative option to unlock income generation.  Through entrepreneurship, young people can achieve economic security and independence. They are critical to future economic development and key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. When youth-led businesses thrive, they create new jobs, shape local communities, and drive economic growth.

Youth Business International (YBI) leads a growing global network of 50 enterprise support organisations (our global network of members) with a passion for empowering underserved young people (18-35 years old) to start, scale and sustain their businesses.  
Together, we focus on sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship, equipping underserved young people with the skills, confidence, and connections they need to beat the odds and become successful, responsible business owners.   

Established in 2000, our leadership of the only global youth entrepreneurship network gives us a unique perspective on youth entrepreneurship worldwide, and the ability to bring together our member enterprise support organisations from across the globe to connect, collaborate and exchange ideas, knowledge and insights. 


  • Combine robust data from our global network of members with independent and proprietary research on themes such as Decent Work, Social and Green Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills 
  • Identify gaps and generate learnings to build our members’ capacity to support young entrepreneurs 
  • Invest in and lead the development and co-creation with our members of new training, products and services, and share knowledge of ‘what works’ in youth entrepreneurship 
  • Contribute to wider debates on youth economic empowerment to advance the case for investment in effective youth entrepreneurship 

Our approach means we are able to develop and scale the most effective solutions to the critical challenges facing young entrepreneurs, while simultaneously building and enhancing our members’ capabilities and the quality of their delivery models.   

The result is improved outcomes for aspiring and existing young entrepreneurs. 

In leading a global youth entrepreneurship network, we work with our global network of members to connect, collaborate and generate content. 


YBI continually drives connection as the essential foundation to support effective collaboration.

Connecting with peers allows the exchange of ideas, knowledge and insights, and the opportunity for new ideas to emerge. 


YBI places priority on collaboration with our members and other experts, knowing that these skills are essential to solving complex problems.

We enable co-creation of content to develop and scale the most effective solutions to critical challenges facing young entrepreneurs.


YBI is committed to providing the global standard in inclusive economic programmes for young entrepreneurs. 

This ensures members are able to access content to improve the quality of their delivery models, which in turn improves outcomes for young entrepreneurs.

YBI’s Impact on its Global Network 

YBI’s global network consistently reports a satisfaction rating of 90% or above, citing their membership of Youth Business International as ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’. 

In 2022: 


170 delegates from 41 countries joined in our Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit –Youth Entrepreneurship as a Force For Good – in The Hague


25 member organisations participated in powerful partnerships with Accenture, Argidius Foundation, Google.org, and Standard Chartered Foundation 

59% of member organisations actively participated in a community of practice or co-creation of a programme or toolkit 


96% of member organisations took part in YBI’s Entrepreneurship Development Services 

49% of member organisations participated in a flagship programme 

YBI’s approach to Quality Entrepreneurship Programmes 

YBI’s model is evidence-based, co-created, and tried and tested across a diverse community of expert practitioners. It is designed and supported to be adaptable to local contexts and cultures. 

The core elements of YBI’s model are underpinned by a set of fundamental principles: 

  • Innovation awareness and practice is a skill that is delivered and developed and drives service development 
  • All services have inclusion at their core, ensuring inclusive practice and approaches are incorporated to allow accessibility for all 
  • Services are designed around the specific needs of young people, and focus on the entire entrepreneur journey from start up to growth 
  • Services includes support for young entrepreneurs with a social or green impact mission, and business creation is supported to embody dignified work 

Our integrated approach to youth entrepreneurship support consists of three pillars that enable young entrepreneurs to progress from an initial idea to a viable business.  

Personal Development

Focuses on soft skills, life skills and leadership capabilities, supported through mentoring, training and coaching 

Business Development

Focuses on training and advice on hard skills, such as creating a business model and managing a budget 

Enabling Environment

Local facilitation of access to markets and finance helps young businesses get a foothold 

Our Partners 

In order to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable global network that creates impact for young entrepreneurs on a worldwide scale, YBI partners with: 

  • Organisations drawn from the worlds of banking, technology, consulting and international retail, amongst others 
  • Governments, international development agencies, charitable foundations and individuals 

We bring together our partners and members to create impact for young entrepreneurs worldwide. 

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