Israel – Keren Shemesh Foundation

Name of organisation Keren Shemesh Foundation

A member of YBI since: 2007
About The Keren Shemesh Foundation is a privately funded non-governmental organisation investing in the next generation of business leaders. The Keren Shemesh Foundation was founded in December 2005 by the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation in Switzerland and the Rashi Foundation in Israel, and became an accredited member of YBI in 2007. The Foundation believes in job creation via sustainable entrepreneurship exercised by providing pre-business care, business resources, seed finance and ongoing volunteer mentoring.
Contact +972 3 561 3343


Address The Keren Shemesh Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs Rose House
18 Yosef Kairo 2nd Floor
Tel Aviv


See below a video of Amir Asor, a young entrepreneur supported by The Keren Shemesh Foundation. He started his own company, The Decade Group:


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