Sweden – Swedish Jobs & Society (NyföretagarCentrum)

Name of organisation Swedish Jobs & Society (NyföretagarCentrum)

A member of YBI since: 2013
About Swedish Jobs & Society (NyföretagarCentrum), established 1985, is focused on the start-up of new viable enterprises and seeks to support serious entrepreneurship across all of Sweden by providing professional start-up advice to people thinking about starting a business.

It helps people to become successfully self-employed, with the creation of additional jobs and tax revenues. It works on a local level through some 90 Enterprise Agencies, which cover 200 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities. It acts as an umbrella for all Enterprise Agencies in Sweden.

In summary, NyföretagarCentrum:

  • Stimulates and facilitate the start-up and growth of new viable companies;
  • Works through dedicated professionals;
  • Gives help to self-help;
  • Builds and maintains a network for transfer of best practice;
  • Strengthens the local community;
  • Strongly contributes to the renewal of Swedish private business.

To date, NyföretagarCentrum has been involved – via its advisors – in starting 180,000 new companies, in recent years on average 10,000 start-ups a year. Typically, over 34,000 jobs are created in the following 3 years. In 2012, NyföretagarCentrum advisors met with 22,500 people, and helped 9, 400 start-ups. Businesses started and jobs created generate SEK 4,300M (USD 661M) in tax revenues each year (direct and indirect).

NyföretagarCentrum operates with 12 staff centrally, based in Stockholm, and 200 advisors, employed on a consultancy basis, in the 90 Enterprise Agencies.

Website http://www.nyforetagarcentrum.se/
Contact + 46 08-14 44 00


Address Skeppsbron 22
111 30 Stockholm, Sweden

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