A YBI webinar series for startup trainers

Join YBI and leading entrepreneur, author and educator Bob Dorf for an exciting, information-packed webinar series on the startup-building methodology that’s taken the world by storm: Customer Development (a.k.a ‘lean startup’). Learn the method’s basic building blocks and how to use them in your local startup training programmes…in a weekly series of webinars beginning Thursday June 29!

Bob Dorf is among the most knowledgable Lean Innovative and Customer Development experts on the planet, second only to Steve Blank, who developed the methodology and spent a decade extending and refining it. Together with Steve Blank, Bob published The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company, the seminal text outlining every step of the lean customer development process.

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Who is this webinar series for?

If you’re a practitioner (trainer, facilitator, coach, mentor or consultant) in entrepreneurship that works directly with entrepreneurs to support them to start and run their business, then you’re in the right place.

How does it work: You register by filling in the registration form below, and we’ll send you a confirmation email containing all the details you need to know. In the week of the event we will send you a link to the webinar platform and information in more detail on how to join our online series.

What will I get out of this webinars?

Each webinar will include a 45-50-minute lecture, along with 20 minutes of Q&A time where attendees are encouraged to fire questions at Bob via the system’s chat feature. In addition, we’ll have two more formal Q&A sessions, one on the value proposition that’s the raison d’etre for launching a startup, and another on the teaching process itself.

What will I be learning in each session?

29th June, 1pm (UK time) / An introduction to Customer Development/Lean startup: a fast-paced overview of the methodology, including its origins and history; introduction to the business model canvas, and to the three stages of customer discovery; a brief survey of the program ahead; and a look at the role of mentors, trainers, and coaches.

6th July, 1pm (UK time) / Business Model Canvas: development and refinement, with a particular focus on all elements of the Value Proposition (competition, market size, features/benefits, and more). Focus on the hub of every business, its ‘value proposition,’ and how it differs for hi-arc, hi-tech companies and more traditional smaller businesses. Hands-on experience developing canvases, with practice critiquing and diagnosing startup canvas problems in a separate workshop/q-and-a session.

11th July, 1pm (UK time) / Q&A Session

13th July, 1pm (UK time) / Customer Discovery: the three distinct phases of customer discovery and how and when each is used (a) ‘problem’, or market opportunity measurement; (b) competitive analysis; and (c) ‘product’ feedback; how to train the critical skills needed to conduct each of these critical skills needed to conduct each of these critical customer discovery interviews; and how to develop and administer optimally productive customer discovery interviews.

20th July, 1pm (UK time) / ‘Get Customers’: this lean approach to customer acquisition helps startups consider the optimum marketing tools and tactics for their startup; beginning to test and iterate marketing campaigns within a few weeks of starting the business; guidelines on program optimization, refinement, and additional tactics and resources to consider. Attendees will develop and critique initial plans.

25th July, 1pm (UK time) / Q&A Session

27th July, 1pm (UK time) / The Trainer’s Roles and Responsibilities: how and when to use the toolkit elements; how to approach startups and guide their activity from week to week; experiences with and coping skills for flagging or unproductive startups; and the trainer’s roles and responsibilities in typical startup environments.

On completion: every participant will receive the “Lean Startup in a Box Resource guide”,  a comprehensive tool set that offers everything you could possibly need to conduct your own local, successful lean customer development training program. Among the tools:

1. Videos and articles that introduce the methodology, what happens during the programme, and much more.

2. A link to ‘How to Build a Startup’, a nine-part open source online course at Udacity.com (nine 30-minute interactive lectures hosted by Steve Bank)

4. 24 slide sets for one-hour Powerpoint lectures designed for use in your local training programs.

5. A Lean Customer Development Resource Guide to additional materials, websites, tools and more for use by educators and mentors as they teach the program

Can I get more details about the Lean Startup methodology?

Most startups fail not for lack of innovation, but for lack of customers. Pioneered by serial entrepreneur Steve Blank since 2002, Customer Development short-circuits the typical, outmoded “build it and they will come” approach to starting companies and replaces it with a high-speed, “fail fast” approach often likened to the Scientific Method. This is the exact method Bob helped develop and has taught throughout the world since 2010.
The “hypothesize, test, measure, iterate” approach begins with a single-page “business model canvas” summarizing all key elements of the business. It’s as helpful to a small retail entrepreneur as it is to founders of a new software company. With the business model in hand, entrepreneurs follow three key “customer discovery” processes to test every aspect of their new business model with the only judges who matter: potential customers. Customer feedback drives dramatic change in the business ideas, well before the business is launched, helping to increase the startup’s chances for success.

How do I sign up to the webinar series?

All you need to do is fill in the registration form, hit submit and we’ll send you a confirmation email to confirm your place for all the sessions. In the week of the event we will send you a link to the webinar platform and information in more detail on how to join our online series.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting, helpful series…and look forward to seeing you there!


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