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Indigenous Entrepreneurship Workshop Series  

  • Tuesday, 27th June 2023 - Monday, 1st July 2024
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YBI is working with our member Futurpreneur in Canada to design, develop and deliver, in collaboration with Indigenous communities, a business financial literacy training program focused on Indigenous economic inclusion and resilience. The aim of this is to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their business financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills, with the ultimate aim of fostering Indigenous economic empowerment and prosperity. 

As part of this work, Futurpreneur is sharing knowledge and resources with YBI members to support our diversity, equity and inclusion mandate and to help embed new practices that reduce barriers and create opportunities for young, Indigenous Entrepreneurs. 

Across 2023 and early 2024, Futurpreneur will be running a series of collaborative workshops with the YBI network; sharing learnings and best practices on the inclusive design of the Indigenous Entrepreneur Training Programme. 

Please note that there will be a Spanish-speaking interpreter joining the sessions, so attendees can listen in both English and Spanish.


Workshop 1 – 15th March 2023 , 2pm GMT. CLOSED. You can watch the recording of the session HERE.

The first collaborative workshop in the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Workshop Series will give focus to Futurpreneur’s engagement with Indigenous Communities during programme design.  

By joining this session you will hear Futurpreneur share the results of work carried out by consulting firm Indigenuity Consulting, who undertook a 5-month engagement with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit organizations and representatives from across Canada. The aim of this is to amplify the voices of Indigenous entrepreneurs, and have these voices inform all elements of programme design. 

This workshop will be beneficial to members that are either working with or are interested in working with Indigenous entrepreneurs.  


Workshop 2 – Tuesday 27th June at 3 – 4:00pm BST. CLOSED. You can watch the recording of the session HERE.

The theme of this workshop is ‘Territories’. Indigenous entrepreneurs have a long and complicated history with the governments in their countries. These relationships have governed the way Indigenous entrepreneurs participate in economies at large, and often dictate what is and isn’t permitted. In this workshop, four of the five Indigenous Entrepreneurship Working Group members will discuss the documents that are currently in place at the federal level in each of their countries, as well as the impact these documents have had on the lives on Indigenous entrepreneurs in each of their country contexts.

You do not need to have attended Workshop 1 before joining Workshop 2. The session will be delivered in English and Spanish using simultaneous translation.

Please register here.

Additional Workshops  

A total of 6 workshops will take place across 2023 and 2024 to share learnings and best practices on the inclusive design of Futurpreneur’s Indigenous Entrepreneur Training Programme. Future dates will be shared in the YBI newsletter and website. Additional details to follow. 

Other Ways to get Involved 

If you are interested in learning more and being involved in Indigenous Entrepreneurship at YBI, we also have our Indigenous Entrepreneurship Working Group. Comprised of members who are either working with or plan to work with Indigenous Entrepreneurs, the group meet every 2-3 months to share learnings and best practice around Indigenous Entrepreneurship. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Linsey Deeks.