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Mentoring Programme Managers Series

  • Wednesday, 24th May 2023 - Wednesday, 1st November 2023

“With support of the YBI mentoring consultants the Mebala project team in Botswana has been able to push the envelope, introducing an all-in quality Business Mentoring program.”

Maarten Weers, Director, Mebala



Mentoring has been a critical part of the support we provide young people as they start and grow their businesses and we have been doing this for over 20 years!

We are committed to supporting and maintaining our members mentoring programmes for the benefit of those who are new to YBI, have started receiving mentoring support as well as our long established programmes.

At YBI we believe that:

  • A mentor is essential in delivering value to both the personal and professional development of a young entrepreneur
  • Mentoring should always be voluntary and that this means the recognition and support offered to mentors is critical to the success for your programme
  • That any mentoring programme needs support from the Senior Leadership team and it needs to be led by a well informed and committed programme manager

Across this 4 part series, we will introduce you to the YBI Mentoring Standards and provide an opportunity to self-assess your mentoring programme using our specially designed diagnostic template. That way, as you drive towards mentoring excellence, you will get to understand your strengths and identify your blind spots.

The four 90 minute webinars will take you on a journey to understand the ten steps that lead to mentoring excellence. Each webinar will be followed a week later by a one hour coaching session where you can ‘deep dive’ into issues that are getting in the way. The webinars are in English only, but coaching sessions will be available in both English and Spanish.

What will you gain from the Mentoring Programme Managers Series?

Whether you are new to mentoring or have been involved in delivering mentoring for some time, you will get to understand and experience:

  • Your current situation benchmarked against the standards
  • The ten steps process towards mentoring excellence
  • Techniques and tools aimed at making your programme more resilient and relevant
  • Challenges mentoring managers are experiencing
  • Access to YBI mentoring experts
  • A certificate of completion for those that engage with all four webinars.

What is the programme format?

The programme consists of four 90 minute webinars and four follow up coaching sessions one week after each webinar. The webinars are in English only, but coaching sessions will be available in both English and Spanish. For everyone who completes the series of four webinars and four follow up sessions, the YBI certificate of completion will be provided as a digital download.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is aimed at mentoring programme managers who work directly with mentors and mentees and wish to strengthen their development programmes.

Our Mentoring Experts

The series will be delivered by long-standing YBI mentoring experts:

  • John Cull has supported YBI with Mentoring since 2002 and was awarded the YBI Lifetime Mentoring Recognition Award at the Global Summit at The Hague 2022.​
  • Ana Gessaghi has been supporting the YBI Mentoring team since 2014, working with Mentoring Program Managers from Latin Amercia and delivering Mentoring programmes for women in Asia and Africa.​
  • Boris Tkachenko  has been a key  member of the YBI mentoring team since 2008, leading the way with International Mentoring Days and contributing to the SOS mentoring webinar series

Requirements to join

Before you register, please make sure you meet the below requirements:

  • Have a native or intermediate level of English
  • Have access to the internet


Live webinar sessions will take place on:

  • Session 1: 24th May from 1.00 – 2.30pm (BST). THIS SESSION IS CLOSED. You can watch the recording of the session HERE.
  • Session 2: 12th July from 1.00 – 2.30 pm (BST). THIS SESSION IS CLOSED.You can watch the recording of the session HERE.
  • Session 3: 6th September from 1.00 – 2.30 pm (BST)
  • Session 4: 2nd November from 1.00 – 2.30 pm (BST)

The four follow up coaching sessions will be arranged directly with participants.

How to register

Please click on the following link to register:  SIGN UP HERE

If you have any queries, please contact our Head of Membership, Vicki Edwards or anyone of the Mentoring Team.