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Social and Green Entrepreneurship Toolkit Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop

  • Tuesday, 28th June 2022


Increasingly, more entrepreneurs are looking to develop businesses that, alongside generating profit, are designed to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing society and our planet. We see this is a great thing and want to help them do that well. So we’ve developed our Social and Green Toolkit, designed to take YBI members, mentors, trainers, and entrepreneurs through the steps of how to develop an effective social or green enterprise.

What is the Social and Green Toolkit?

Running a social or green enterprise is much like running a traditional enterprise, requiring similar skills and resources. However, there are some additional considerations an entrepreneur needs to make when developing a social or green enterprise. Our toolkit takes you through the journey of how to develop and grow a social or green enterprise, considering five important dimensions: 1) Personal development and self-knowledge, 2) Business model, 3) Business validation, 4) Legal and governance model, and 5) Impact measurement.

The toolkit has been co-created with members and includes tried and tested tools and detailed guidance on how to implement each tool. Members can use as many tools from the toolkit as they want: from picking just one of them to use sporadically, to combining various tools into a training, coaching, or mentoring programme. All tools are valid for both start-ups and existing businesses.

What will you gain from the training

During this training, you will get a refresher on the key differences between social and green entrepreneurship, and traditional enterprise. You will get an introduction to the toolkit, including its purpose, the tools included, and how to implement them. You will also deep dive into one of the tools, to get first-hand experience of how it is used.

What is the training format?

The training is a 90-minute session taking place on Zoom.

Who is the training for?

The training is aimed at programme managers, trainers, coaches, and mentors who work directly with social and green entrepreneurs.

Training will take place in English.

If you have any queries, please contact Anna Chojnicka, Social and Green Entrepreneurship Lead at YBI at

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