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Social & Green Month

  • Friday, 1st - Saturday, 30th April 2022

Since the beginning of last year, YBI has been actively seeking ways to better support social and green entrepreneurs around the world. Following on from a number of initiatives, such as the Social and Green Entrepreneurship Landscape research, the Social and Green Impact Accelerator (SGIA) and, most recently, the development of the Social and Green Entrepreneurship Toolkit, YBI is now hosting a Social & Green Entrepreneurship Month in April 2022.

You may have a lot of experience in supporting social and green entrepreneurs already, or maybe you are just beginning to support them (or considering to offer specific support to them). In any case, our Social and Green Entrepreneurship month is being designed for you and your organisation, to help you get the knowledge and practical tools you need to take the next steps.  During the month of April, YBI will host a number of events and share practical resources, tools and case studies about social and green entrepreneurship to inspire and equip the YBI Network to support these entrepreneurs. So, watch this space! More information will be shared soon.