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Social & Green regional workshop – Asia/Australia

  • Wednesday, 6th April 2022


Social & Green is becoming a very hot topic in the entrepreneurship sector. Entrepreneurs are recognising the importance of doing more for the world and creating businesses that address social and environmental issues, at the same time as proving a livelihood to themselves and their families.

As a result, ESOs (Entrepreneurship Support Organisations), major donors and other players in the entrepreneurship sector are looking at ways of supporting these entrepreneurs in their journey. And YBI members are part of this movement. In our recent Annual Survey, we have identified that many of our members are already supporting S&G entrepreneurs or looking at ways to start supporting them.

Social & Green Month

Therefore, YBI is committed to designing solutions that can help our members improve the services that they offer to social & green entrepreneurs, and as part of these initiatives, we are hosting our first ever Social & Green Month in April.

One of the first activities we are proposing as part of the S&G Month is a series of regional workshops with our members to identify existing solutions for S&G entrepreneurs, current challenges, and ideas to address them. The workshops will take place between 5th and 7th April and have the following objectives:

  • Understand what members are doing to support social & green entrepreneurs
  • Understand the Impact that the support has on entrepreneurs
  • Identify challenges that still exist in supporting young social & green entrepreneurs
  • Identify existing solutions that address the challenges that organisations and entrepreneurs face in this space (could be solutions developed by members or other organisations)
  • Brainstorm ideas to address the challenges that remain

The information gathered through these workshops will be shared with the YBI network on 26th April, at 1pm (BST), during our Wrap Up event, giving members a great overview of the existing challenges and solutions from around the world and the potential ideas we could work on as a network. In the same event, we will also be launching YBI’s Social & Green Entrepreneurship Toolkit, that brings together a number of tools focused on S&G entrepreneurs that members can use in their training and mentoring programmes.

Asia/Australia workshop

The workshop for Asia/Australia will take place on 6th April, from 9:00 to 11:00 am (BST).

We are ideally looking for practitioners within our members who work directly with entrepreneurs and the programmes they offer.

By joining this session, you will learn about what other members in the region are doing, the challenges they are facing (that can be quite similar to yours) and what solutions they know about that could be adopted/implemented in your own organisation.

Please register your interest below and join the start of this important conversation at YBI about better ways of supporting social & green entrepreneurs.

Session recording

You can find the recording of this session below.

Session recording

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