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YBI Digital Accelerator: coming soon

  • Monday, 20th - Tuesday, 28th February 2023
  • 99 Days
  • 99 Hours
  • 99 Mins
  • 99 Secs

YBI is offering a new and improved Digital Accelerator programme for our members with the next cohort launching in the last week of February 2023 (exact date TBC).

The Digital Accelerator is a programme for members to explore and identify their organizational challenges covering their entire business model (operations, products and services, economic model, entrepreneur and channel engagement) and to focus on their biggest needs which can be addressed by strategic digital transformation. It has been streamlined so that now it will be typically delivered across 3 workshops, reducing the overall time commitment from members while retaining the value and benefit that it delivers overall.

The Digital Accelerator is an excellent opportunity for members to tackle their biggest and most pressing challenges and to build digital capacity in critical areas, enabling members to deliver their impact sustainably and at scale.

The YBI Digital Accelerator has been delivered to over 17 different members to date. If you would like to sign-up for this upcoming cohort, learn more, or ask any questions, please reach out to Dejan Markovic (YBI’s Head of Innovation) @