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High Flyers Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

YBI’s regional programme aimed at helping underserved young people across Sub-Saharan Africa to scale sustainable businesses, creating jobs and strengthening local communities.

High Flyers Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

The High Flyers Youth Entrepreneurship Programme is YBI's regional programme, supported by the Argidius Foundation and the Government of Uganda, to enable underserved youth in Sub-Saharan Africa to scale sustainable businesses, creating jobs and strengthening local communities.

Programme overview

While the economic outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa is positive, youth unemployment rates are still on the rise. Despite entrepreneurship becoming a viable solution in tackling this issue, business survival and growth represent major challenges. In 2014, only 2% of Ugandan businesses planned to employ more than 20 people in the next five years.

To address these issues, the ‘High Flyers’ Youth Entrepreneurship Programme plans to provide 1700 young high-potential entrepreneurs in Uganda with financial and non-financial support including enterprise training (focused on access to markets, value addition and value chain integrations), ongoing mentoring support, access to finance and additional business development support. In addition to this, the programme aims to help these entrepreneurs increase their income and generate 1700 new paid jobs.

Programme structure

  • Design and implementation of country-level projects: the aim of each project is to develop the High Flyers programme, to accelarate and enhance young people's successful transition from micro-enteprises to small businesses and establish a secure pathway to growth from early stages;
  • Tailored capacity development for implementing organisations: technical assistance in the form of operational and methodological support and/or organisational support provided by YBI;
  • Knowledge management and communications: developing an active African regional community of practice to directly inform and improve programme delivery activities and build knowledge and skills.

Services provided 

  • Training;
  • Mentoring;
  • Access to finance;
  • Capacity development;
  • Other business development support. 

The programme aims to train 1,700 young people to establish and grow their own businesses, create 2,360 additional jobs, and generate evidence about best practices in supporting entrepreneurs scale their businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Charles Ocici CEO Enterprise Uganda

“Thanks to the High Flyers Youth Entrepreneurship Programme, the 1,700 beneficiary businesses shall be provided with suitable training and mentorship solutions that address challenges that come with business formalisation and expansion. The lessons derived from this initiative will be shared with practitioners and stakeholders supporting business start-up programmes in Uganda.”

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