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About the Citi Foundation

The Citi Foundation works to promote economic progress and improve the lives of people in low-income communities around the world. They invest in efforts that increase financial inclusion, catalyse job opportunities for youth, and reimagine approaches to building economically vibrant cities. The Citi Foundation's "More than Philanthropy" approach leverages the enormous expertise of Citi and its people to fulfill our mission and drive thought leadership and innovation.

Our partnership with the Citi Foundation

Our second partnership with the Citi Foundation, aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs in Europe, launched in July of 2017. Youth Business Europe brings together a consortium of eight YBI members building regional ways of working and supporting young people to start and strengthen businesses across Europe. In the first reporting period of this two-year partnership, the consortium has already supported almost 5,000 young people. Of those who have businesses, they have collectively created over 950 jobs.

The partnership with Youth Business International is one of the Citi Foundation's flagship EMEA programmes, and is part of its Pathways to Progress initiative, which works to prepare and equip urban youth with the tools to thrive in today's economy. 2017 saw the expansion of Pathways to Progress globally, with a $100 million commitment from the Citi Foundation to reach 500,000 young people with entrepreneurship and employability training before 2020.

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Youth Business EuropeYouth Business Europe is YBI’s regional programme, supported by the Citi Foundation, to help young entrepreneurs to start or grow a business.

Success stories

Pierre Guguen


"I decided to try and give more emotion and maybe a new experience to the people that were coming to see us on stage. So, I went to see one of my friends, who was a perfumer and I asked her let’s make the perfume of a song."

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Zoë Loupatty

The Netherlands

“The most satisfying thing is when people come and have something to eat or drink at my place. To see them, to see the happiness and enjoyment is what keeps me going and gives me a lot of energy.”

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Abdulah al Haw

The Netherlands

“In Syria, I was an entrepreneur. That was no coincidence; being an entrepreneur suits me.”

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Paula Landes


"In the beginning my PR job was quite interesting and I learned a lot but once you’ve written 25 press releases, then you know how to do it and it’s not getting any more exciting, I needed a change."

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Maria Aust


"In my family, no one was an entrepreneur, it was always seen as good to be working for a big company, to have a safe and secure job and that’s what I had always done."

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Yvonne Stein


"Invest in yourself and your future."

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Giulia Pettinau


"I was working at a summer camp when I discovered not only a new passion but the inspiration that could turn my dream of becoming an entrepreneur into a reality.”

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Filip Printzell


"When you’re young, you don’t have too much to lose. I think it’s better to go out and do your thing and try; and you will fail a lot of times but you will never succeed if you don’t try.”

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Zdenek Turek Europe Cluster Head and CEO Citibank Europe Plc

“Investing in today’s youth is critical to the health of society and the economy. Targeted programs like Youth Business Europe have helped young people to develop new businesses that have positively contributed to economic growth and social wellbeing. In these more than three years of partnership we supported more than 13,000 young people creating more than 3000 jobs; over 3,500 youth-led businesses have been started or strengthened; and over 1,000 young entrepreneurs have been provided with business mentoring. Our partnership with YBI, under our Pathways to Progress initiative, will continue to build on our achievements and set more young people on a sustainable economic path.”

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