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JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading financial services firm based in the United States of America, with operations worldwide, and is committed to working to advance an economy that is fair and works for everyone. Through ongoing investments, business initiatives and philanthropic commitments, JPMorgan Chase aims to serve its employees, customers, clients and communities and drive an inclusive economy.

JPMorgan Chase believes business ownership is an important avenue for wealth building across the world, and has committed to help grow underserved small businesses, close the racial wealth gap, and create a more inclusive economy, including by helping generate jobs and create diverse communities and prosperous cities.

Our partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Our programme supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co. launched in September 2022 and aims to support 300 micro and small businesses across Germany, France, South Africa, Spain and the UK to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious in their operations. The programme will run until the end of 2024 and will target traditionally underserved entrepreneurs, including young people, women, Black and Minoritised ethnicities, migrants, and people with low income.

In the first phase of the programme, we are working with our members KIZ in Germany, Hatch in the UK, Positive Planet in France, Youth Business Spain and our delivery partner Fetola in South Africa. YBI’s Social and Green Entrepreneurship Lead will work alongside a sustainability expert to co-develop a sustainability toolkit with our members and delivery partner, which will be piloted and then scaled to 10 additional entrepreneurship support organisations (ESOs) across the five countries. In addition, YBI will support all 15 ESOs to incorporate decent work training, adapted to their country context, into their support offerings for underserved and young entrepreneurs to empower them to become responsible employers.

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Driving responsible and sustainable businesses led by underserved entrepreneursOur programme supported by JPMorgan Chase to support underserved and young entrepreneurs in Germany, France, South Africa, Spain, and the UK to build more sustainable and environmentally conscious businesses.

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